Detail engineering and fabrication drawnings, procurement and supply of all mechanical and electrical equipment, prefabrication,assembly,connection of instrumentation and installation of one unloading system and one forwarding system that comprised from two...
Market: Oil, Power
Type: Metering Skids, Various, Modular Skids
Supply of one additional strainer similar to the ones already delivered for the D.F.O. unit and procurement of all equipment.
Market: Oil, Power
Type: Metering Skids, Pressure Vessels (Oil), Pressure Vessels (Power), Various, Basket Strainers
Engineering, fabrication and commissioning of three (3) diesel unloading metering stations in Thisvi
Market: Oil, Power
Type: Metering Skids, Various
Construction of flares (derrick structure of flares, steam drum fabrication of waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler, thermal reactor) mechanical and structural materials, & their pre-assembly ready for on site installation
Market: Power
Type: Various
Engineering, design, procurement,pre-fabrication , site erection, and commissioning of one (1) diesel oil storage tank (oc-d-101) and one (1) diesel oil daily tank (oc-d-102)
Market: Oil, Power
Type: Tanks, Various
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